Can You Put a Trolling Motor on an Inflatable Boat?

The Transom Mount Trolling Motor by Intex allows you to enjoy hours on the lake or river in your inflatable while saving your strength for reeling in that big fish. With 40 pounds of thrust, 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds you will never miss a great fishing spot again! For those who don’t want to scare away the fish, this motor runs quiet for a peaceful day on the lake. All it takes is 12 volts to run this great addition to your Intex Challenger, Seahawk, Excursion or Mariner boats.

If you are wondering what it looks like its pretty easy to setup and very reliable to use in a fishing trip. In my experience, my family have owned one inflatable boat which we still use and is powered by a trolling motor. I myself have tried to use it for our fishing trip and it worked just fine. I have also used it in floods that have helped me and my neighbors to safety. I hope you too can own one of these boat that are easy to store while not in use and super easy to inflate. Though I warn you about dangers that can occur when you use it, getting trash stuck in the propeller can destroy the motor.  I have experienced to have a full blown motor that I had to repair but if you do need to repair it please bring it to a repair center if you have no experience doing it yourself.

I bought two trolling motors on eBay. One was for $100 and I had to drive 3 hours to pick it up. It was totally trashed and hardly anything was of use. Even the armature was bent. It was described as needing a lower bearing. Bearings rarely go bad and if they do it’s likely from abuse. Both bearings were bad and so was just about everything else.I just got the other that I paid even more for and it was said to have a broken cable. Cables rarely break and if they do it’s possibly because of a bent shaft.  Buying a used trolling motor is risky, they sell it because it has too many problems to mess with and they just want a new one.

Trolling motors new are pretty inexpensive so avoid creating your own horror story and shell out for the new one.  If you treat them right they will last for years.  Yes, they do run really well with an inflatable boat so getting on the lake quickly and easily is no problem.


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